Sessions and Rates

Swedish Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Acupressure • Reiki • Mind-Body Integration • Healing & Creativity Workshops • Emotional Support • Personal Growth

Bodywork & Holistic Healing Sessions

I offer integrative bodywork sessions tailored to fit your particular needs and concerns and hold a soothing and safe space for you to relax and heal. Sessions may include one primary modaility or a combination of healing modalities.

Thirty-minute focused session: $40

Sixty-minute session: $70

Seventy-five-minute session: $85

Ninety-minute session: $100

Sixty-minute hot stone session: $90

Ninety-minute hot stone session: $120

Reiki for Animals
Reiki sessions for animals last approximately one hour, with a portion of that time spent communicating with you and your companion animal regarding particular health, behavioral, or emotional issues. Reiki time will vary based on the size of the animal as well as the animal's response to energy work.

$60 for full sessions
$30 for focused sessions

Add Ons

Please request add ons when making your appointment. Thank you!

Add Sugar or Salt Glow: $20
In this treatment, salt or sugar (your choice), combined with emollient and essential oils, provides a refreshing scrub to invigorate your senses.

Add Aromatherapy Treatment: $20
This treatment includes an aromatherapy foot bath, hot towel treatment, and your own customized spritzer or lotion to take home.

Add Light Therapy: $25
Sit for thirty minutes in front of the soothing rays of a 10,000 lux full-spectrum light box. Full-spectrum light therapy can help boost your mood and combat the effects of S.A.D. During the fall and winter months, this form of therapy is especially effective. Absorb the healing light as you soak your feet and enjoy a cup of tea.

Add Reflective Journaling: $25
Enjoy thirty minutes of time to yourself and for yourself. Allow your creativity to flow onto the pages of your very own journal (provided), soak your tired feet in an aromatherapy footbath, and warm your body with a cup of tea. Process your hectic day, explore your inner thoughts and dreams, or play with some of my writing prompts. This journal time is especially beneficial for those who have a difficult time “turning off” their mind during a massage session.

Two-hour Chakra Healing Sessions

I am develping unique two-hour chakra healing sessions for specific and intensive work on each chakra. The first Chakra Healing Session I am offering is the following:

Heart Chakra: Open Heart

I invite you to open yourself to the gifts of the heart chakra: self-love, forgiveness, compassion, and grace.

This two-hour “Open Heart” session includes:
• A soothing rose water foot bath, strawberry-rose iced tea, and a light snack.
• A “Self-Love Valentine” writing prompt and art exercise (all art supplies provided).
• A combination of massage, Reiki, and guided visualization to support, soothe, and open the heart chakra.
• A “Heart Chakra Kit,” including a rose quartz stone and aromatherapy

Cost: $150

Each quarter, I offer a unique two-hour holistic healing session, which includes bodywork, energy work, and other specific creativity or healing modalities. These 2-hour sessions are at a reduced price of $90 - $130. To learn more about this season's special, click here.


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Reduced Rates for massage students: One-hour massage: $55; one-and-a-half hour massage: $85

Please let me know 24-hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment.

I accept payment in the form of cash, checks, and credit cards.

At this time I am not able to bill insurance directly, although I can provide a detailed invoice for your reimbursement purposes.

Animals are always welcome at Rising Bird Healing Arts. It is, however, sometimes optimal to visit animals in their own environment to reduce the stress of travel and unfamiliar settings. As such, I do not charge a travel surcharge for animal Reiki sessions to homes located in the Seattle metro area.

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